Gyvenamosios vietos deklaravimo naikinimas (arba "sunku tapti benamiu")


Žymės: biurokratizmas


Kaip teigia gyvenamosios vietos deklaravimo įstatymas, gyvenamąją vietą turi deklaruoti piliečiai, per metus Lietuvoje praleidžiantys daugiau nei 183 dienas. Ši procedūra nėra itin sudėtinga - tereikia pateikti kai šūsnį popierių. O štai panaikinti gyvenamosios vietos deklaraciją - kur kas įdomesnė procedūra.

Neturint nuosavo nekilnojamo turto neretam žmogui tenka nuomotis būstą, o kadangi būsto nuomojimasis pas mus dar nesubrendęs, dažnai šeimininkas nenori leisti nuomininkams deklaruoti nuomojamą būstą kaip gyvenamąją vietą. Tada ir prasideda džiaugsmai...

Kadangi daugelį santykių su valstybe tenka spręsti toje savivaldybėje ar seniūnijoje, kurioje yra deklaruota gyvenamoji vieta, kitame mieste nuomojančiam būstą asmeniui yra vienintelė galimybė - deklaruoti gyvenamąją vietą "prie savivaldybės". Tam, kad tai atlikti, visų pirma reikia panaikinti senąją gyvenamosios vietos deklaraciją. Tam reikia:

  • Gyvenamosios vietos savininkui atvykti į seniūniją ar savivaldybės migracijos skyrių;
  • Užpildyti atitinkamus popierius;
  • Atsivežti kaimyną, kuris patvirtintų, jog tas žmogus tikrai negyvena toje vietoje.
  • Tada siunčiamas registruotas laiškas asmeniui, kurio gyvenamosios vietos deklaracija naikinama. Jei niekas to laiško nepaima (o neduok dievę kokia bobulytė paims...) ir jis grąžinamas siuntėjui.
  • Tada tuo adresu siunčiamas dar vienas laiškas - šįkart jau gyvenamosios vietos savininkui - kad to asmens gyvenamosios vietos deklaravimas panaikintas.
  • tik tada gali oficialiai tapti benamiu ir meginti deklaruoti gyvenamąją vietą kitoje savivaldybėje.

Pasirodo, ne taip lengva tapti benamiu, kaip atrodo iš pirmo žvilgsnio.


liumis (2009-04-01 17:51:56)
kiek žinau, kaimyną rasti pavyko ;)
Mindaugas (2010-01-12 10:58:01)
Gyvenamosios vietos deklaravimo bei deklaravimo duomenų tvarkymo taisyklės nenumato tikslios gyvenamosios vietos deklaravimo duomenų panaikinimo procedūros..
Principas tas , kad kreipiasi gyv. patalpos savininkas rašo prašymą, o toliau jau darbuotojų veiksmai tampa jų fantazijų gausuma.. Aišku, teisės aktai to nedraudžia daryt, t.y. reikalaut papildomu deklaravimo duomenis patvirtinančių ar paneigiančių dokumentų tačiau jei gyvenamosios patalpos savininkas parašo prašymą panaikint piliečio tokio ir tiokio gyv. vietos deklaravimo duomenis, tai galima būtų apseit ir be registruoto laiško siuntimo ir be kaimynų , jei tas pilietis, atvyktų į seniūniją ir parašytu sutikimą, kad būtų panaiktini jo gyv. vietos deklaravimo duomenys.
Beje, kaip minėjote sąvoka "benamis". tokio dalyko nėra.. Jis tiesiog tampa pvz. LR piliečių, nedeklaravusiu savo gyvenamosios vietos... vat :)
o Deklaravimas "prie savivaldybės" iš tikro skamba nekaip - Įtraukas į gyvenamosios vietos neturinčių asmenų apskaitą tam tikroje savivaldybėje... va čia mūsų piliečiai ir pradeda lyginti save su benamiais... bet kita vertus, o kaip kitaip ? jei nėra kitokių būdų tai belieka toks kelias...
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Nevertheless couple of talk about related background objects.Davis wonderful half dozen inlaws had been raised simply by an individual's nanna; this dad or mom weren't all over brilliant mother has been a narcotic abuser. Smith is typically the best connected with reasoning better young people and additionally really helped his particular single mom bump up her sisters and brothers.The two discover tragedy. Smith's friend passed away in a bike vehicle accident final fall season, despite the fact that Davis' the younger bro was charged with first-degree tough, accused of harming a female which has a mallet last springtime. 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<p>All prices listed below are for the Classic Flap in its three most common materials: lambskin, caviar or patent leather. Prices for each country are listed in local currency. Happy shopping.</p>
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The Ultimate Global Price Guide: The Chanel Classic Flap Bag
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Yes, but remember that when you buy in euros you get the VAT(taxes) back in the airport so it actually makes it much cheaper to buy in Europe with the current exchange rate. You can basically buy your ticket to whatever country you want AND buy the bag for the same as the USD price.
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Someone I know flew to Paris to get a small black flap, nowhere in France had one. They told her that she can get one in Venice! She flew from Paris to Rome to Venice to be told it was a mistake, they don't have one either. It was the Milan store that had one, she flew to Milan but it was beige they had not black!
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<p>Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Mighty Fond of Her Valentino Bags Lately</p>
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As celebrity fashion endorsements go, Jennifer Lawrence's partnership with Dior is one of Hollywood's most high-profile; the French brand got in on the ground floor, so to speak, and it has dressed Jennifer for nearly every high-profile occasion in her meteoric rise to the A List. She's also the face of the Be Dior handbag line, but with Raf Simons out as creative director and 2016 the last year of her current, $15 million Dior contract, we noticed the Hunger Games star has been carrying Valentino almost exclusively for the past two months.
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You can check out the ways Jennifer styled her two new Valentino bags. The tote is available through Neiman Marcus for $3,675, and you can get an all-black VaVaVoom via Saks for $2,245.
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Latest Obsession: The Kara Tie Shoulder Bag
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<p>It doesn't happen that often, but sometimes I come across a bag while working on something and just can't get it out of my head. That's the case with the Kara Tie Shoulder Bag; I discovered it while looking for a handful of affordable black everyday bags, and it struck me as a particularly great option. You guys thought it was too; Shopbop sold out of the design the day after we included it in the post.</p>
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Exclusive: Rebecca Minkoff x PurseBlog – Your Design, Your Way
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For me, the design has a similarly clean visual appeal to Mansur Gavriel's much-sought-after bucket bags, but with a little more slouch and without the interminable wait lists. It's the kind of bag I could see myself carrying every day.
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When I first saw this bag here I thought it was Mansur Gavriel, not saying its a copy, this bag is definitely original. It looks nice on (see images on net-a-porter). Wish the strap was adjustable though.
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There are plenty of worthy gifts most of us would be overjoyed to see under the tree this year, but as you might have guessed, the gift we're hoping you all receive is a beautiful new handbag. (At least as far as material gifts go.) When it comes to handbag gifts, as in all things handbag-related, we have some opinions and suggestions as you begin your journey into the gift-giving season.
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<p>The 2015 Ultimate Handbag Gift Guide</p>
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Maybe you're a regular PurseBlog reader who would like to give your loved ones a nudge in the right direction on what you'd like this year, or maybe you're the relative of a bag-lover who's found him- or herself here looking for some help in selecting the perfect gift; either way, we've assembled over two dozen suggestions. Those include bags in many different styles, sizes and colors in prices ranging from attainable to extravagant; we think they're all crowd-pleasers.
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Christie’s to Feature Exquisite Rarities and Great Everyday Options at First New York Live Handbag Auction
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Christie's expanded its Handbags &amp; Accessories division to North America for the first time in 2014, and now the storied auction house is taking its presence in New York one step further. On December 11, Christie's will hold its inaugural New York live Handbags &amp; Accessories auction at 20 Rockefeller Plaza; as you might have guessed, the handbags on offer will be as exceptional as the occasion.

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<p>The full auction includes 223 bags, and within that selection are numerous limited edition, one-of-a-kind, special order and exceptional pieces from iconic brands like Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Judith Leiber. Even in a burgeoning resale market for designer bags, they're the kinds of pieces you rarely see on the market, thanks to Christie's expert sourcing.</p>
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<p>If you're more in the mood to add an everyday staple to your collection, the auction also includes a beautiful assortment of leather day bags with estimated sale prices as low as $1,000. If you're in New York, you can see the bags on display December 4 through 10 at Christie's Rockefeller Center Galleries, ahead of the live auction on December 11.</p>
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Below, take a look at some of the rare Hermès pieces the live auction will include. To browse the full selection and download an eCatalogue, head over to the Christie's website.
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The Christie's New York Handbags and Accessories Live Auction will take place at 12:00pm on December 11, 2015 at 20 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. From December 4 to December 10, the handbags available in the auction will be on display at the same address from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily, except for December 10, when the public display will end at 12:00pm.
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The holiday season has snuck up on us once again, and with the season comes a rush of parties, dinners, cocktails and miscellaneous soirees that require a bit of fancy dressing. Just because you're dressed up doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable, though; this year, you have our permission to ditch your stilettos for a pair of party-appropriate flats.
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Just like festive party heels, these flats shimmer, sparkle and come covered in all manner of embellishment. Trust us, you don't need a staggering heel to make a statement; just let these fifteen party flats do all the talking.
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By now, you know what to expect from Fendi: beautiful bags in familiar shapes, reinvented in colors, embellishments and finishes that require a closer look, plus added accessories that will inspire a thousand copycats. That's exactly what's on deck for Fendi Pre-Fall 2016; the brand released the upcoming collection's lookbook over the weekend, and we pulled out all the bags.
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<p>20 Perfect Holiday 2015 Gifts, All Under $500</p>
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There are no new shape launches for Pre-Fall; instead, Fendi riffs on its recent classics with new versions of the Peekaboo, 2Jours and By The Way. There are also new accessory straps and bag charms in abundance, so make sure you take a close look at the photos below.
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As much fun as it is to fantasize giving everyone in our lives extravagant gifts (including lots of handbags) for the holidays, that kind of budget is a reality for relatively few people. For most of us, the trick to gift-giving is finding things that are significant and personality-appropriate without being ungodly expensive, and if you poke around a bit, luxury retailers are teeming with gorgeous gifts under $500. So, naturally, that's exactly what we did.
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Below, we've assembled a lineup of sure-thing gifts, starting at just $35. We think they'll put you on the right track to marking off at least a couple names on your gift list.
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<p>If you’re looking to give a very hard-to-find gift this holiday season or finally add a sought-after bag to your own collection, you’ve got one more big chance before Christmas. Today at 11 a.m. Eastern, Mansur Gavriel will update its website with its full product line, and you can snag one if you act quickly. (I know people who have managed to do it! It can be done!)</p>
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